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HIV (shown schematically here in a model derived from 3D electron microscopy) dodges antiretroviral drugs by stitching its DNA inside of chromosomes, creating reservoirs of latent virus. Credit: Donald Bliss/NLM/NIH, Sriram Subramaniam/CCR/NCI/NIH

Designer antibodies may rid body of AIDS virus

Anti-HIV drugs have extended life for millions of people, but they have never eliminated the virus from anyone. That’s because HIV integrates its genetic material…

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Science’s Ebola Webpage

Science maintains a website with free links to all of our Ebola coverage. I covered the epidemic with Martin Enserink, Kai Kupferschmidt, and Gretchen Vogel.

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Means to an End

After what Shane Ryan calls “a silly, stupid weekend” in late April, he joined the many other men in San Francisco, California, who line up…

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